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High quality PDF documents. Anytime. Anywhere.

Make reading a great experience with crisp-clear text and graphics. Your documents will be available offline on iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets. Seamless integration.

Set the new standard for your PDF documents with Napp Siesta. Let your readers enjoy the clear graphics, the sharp look and smart browsing features - everything on their Tablets or Smartphones. Use the smart zoom feature by double tapping or pinching, and focus automatically on pictures, sections and graphs. The quick rendering and the crisp-clear graphics give an instant sharp-looking text and a feeling of easy movement. 

With Napp Siesta, your documents will always be available offline, and your readers can have an entire archive in their pocket. Give a great overview of long documents and big archives with the smart search feature incorporated in the Siesta solution. Combined with the simple indexing, a perfect overview is given and it will be much more convenient for your readers. 

Enterprise Cloud

Scalability, reliability and speed are industry standards.
We added security, mobility and cost-efficiency.
Everything in one solution.

Napp Siesta provides a resizable compute capacity through Amazon’s proven network infrastructure and data centers. As a result, you will get a scalable solution, which is also built into our pricing model.

You can quickly scale your solution with Napp Siesta, both up and down. Your requirements for the product might change and so will the price. The Amazon EC2 Service Level Agreement commitment means 99.95% availability. As a result, you are also getting a reliable solution. 

We also provide you with advanced security features. The entire system is SSL-encrypted, as you might know it from web shops around the world. All files are encrypted; turning the files into gibberish for outsiders.

You can even decide not to have your app released to the App Store or Google Play. With the Enterprise and Professional Package you can add login to the app itself. We will provide you with the ability to control all users and groups access lists.

Unfold Multimedia

Communicate in countless ways. Add pictures, videos and sounds.
Take communication to a new level. Readers will love it. 


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Bring the reading experience alive. Combine the traditional PDF-text with videos, sounds and interactivity and give your readers a better understanding of your documents. Use videos, sounds and animations to illustrate and explain your message in new and exiting ways.

Let your users unfold the subject themselves and have a closer look. Focus on the overall presentation, and use headlines and small sections to present articles. That way, you keep the documents simple and easily manageable but still have the entire content ready to fold out.

Focus on Content

We have moved technology out of the way. Just concentrate on your communication. Use your favourite PDF tool, upload the files to the cloud and you are done.

The idea behind Napp Siesta is to give you a smart platform from where you can manage and distribute your documents effectivily. Siesta is the perfect tool for companies that have many publications and documents, both towards employees, customers and other stakeholders. Siesta is an everyday platform that consists of a very simple working process. This means that it only takes a couple of minutes before your document is online and available in your app. You will simultaneously have complete control of the documents, the process and the target group. Choose your document, your target group and upload the file.

Siesta gives more than just a simple distribution process. It is also an online archive where you and your company can have your documents stored, grouped and indexed. With Napp Siesta you have a way to index and store all of your documents - always accessible and online for all your readers. 

Know Your Readers

Discover what people are reading and optimize your communication. With advanced analytics, you can track your reader's geographical location, reading behaviour and page views at any time.

With the mobile revolution we have changed the way we communicate and work. This is partly because of mobile apps. With Napp Siesta you can get an unique insight into your reader's journey.

Understand your customers', employees' and stakeholders' reading activity through our analytics section to become more relevant to them. 

See what pages are being read most, how often and for how long they are being read. Discover the geographical and demographical differences of the readers. You will get a complete report, which is also downloadable for further data processing.




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