About Siesta

Hand made in Denmark


Welcome to Siesta. Your relaxing way to get started with digital publishing.

Siesta is the easy way to distribute digital documents to your team and to your customers. Documents are uploaded to the cloud using a back-end platform and can be made available to various groups of users on iOS and Android Smartphones and Tablets.

Companies distribute various types of documents internally and externally. Every year, millions of pages are printed, distributed and dismissed after reading. This involves costs for printing, distribution and recycling.

Siesta is a way to digitalize the document flow in a company. All the information is stored in the cloud and can be made available for specific target audiences. The back-end platform is fully compatible with PDF and readers can view the documents on their mobile devices.

The main features of Siesta are:

• Full PDF compatibility, with multimedia content and touch interaction

• Crisp-clear text and graphics that are scalable on any device

• Cloud storage with SSL security

• Advanced tracking and analytics for reading behavior

Siesta comes at a moment when business communication is at a digital turn-point. Organizations expand across countries and continents, and digital communication is becoming a more vital part of the daily routine. Therefore it is necessary to have a central platform for document distribution that is scalable, cost-efficient, easy to use and eco-friendly.

Hand made in Denmark.