About Siesta

Siesta is the platform for digital publishing that elevates your content.

We provide you with your own native app for iOS and Android. The platform has a simple drag-and-drop system that transforms your PDF files into digital publications. Publications are shown on the app and your website as a cloud service, which makes them instantly available to users. Thereby you can collect and distribute publications in no time to any user, whether that is customers or colleagues.

Siesta is beneficial and relevant for publishers as well as for users. With Siesta, publications are easily made interactive to increase user engagement, and detailed statistics will provide you with valuable in-depth insights on user behavior.

Summing up, Siesta is a publishing platform that benefits your content, your wallet and your users.

About us

The company behind Siesta is Napp A/S.

At Napp, we have been in the business of building innovative digital solutions since 2011. Our team consists of creative people who are passionate about cutting edge technology.

Napp is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and we value and practice the heritage of superior craftsmanship in the creation of our digital products. The company name is a contraction of “Nordic app” and it is a reference to the origin and competence of the company.

The management

Our management consists of business partners Niklas Laugesen and Mads Møller who founded Napp together, but have known each other and worked together years before Napp. The two have received remarkable acknowledgements for their business endeavors e.g. being named respectively Entrepreneur of the Year two times in a row and the best Objective-C developer in Denmark.

Niklas Laugesen


Co-Founder of Napp. Twice selected as Entrepreneur of the Year. Holds a Master of Law degree from Copenhagen University.

Mads Møller


Co-Founder of Napp. Awarded Best Objective-C Developer in Denmark. Holds a Master of Science degree from University of Fine Arts, California

Board of directors

We are very proud of our board of directors, which is comprised of experienced business developers and some of the most influential people on the European tech scene.

Amer Ramzan

Board Member

Experienced business developer with background from KPMG, Accenture and McKinsey and Co.

Jens Karstoft

Board Member

Co-founder and former CEO at zMags, raised $8+m in VC from US and Denmark, made a successful exit to a large US based private equity fund.

Natasha Friis Saxberg

Board Member

Director of Future Growth, ATEA, digital strategist and speaker, one of the top 100 most influential women in Tech in Europe.

Janos Flösser


Former CCO at Square Enix Europe, Managing Director at IO Interactive (Hitman)