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For years we elevated their content with the first few iterations of Siesta. As their needs became more sales oriented, Siesta evolved to a digital publishing platform. Yet, we noticed we could do more, much more.

We became experts in business processes and channel management. Next, we adopted that knowledge and innovated the platform to fit manufacturer’s needs, ensuring a higher return on their channel investment. This is where Siesta 4.0 was born. The cost-effective platform that secures stronger relationships through enhanced communication and revenue growth.

With Siesta: making calls, writing reports and sending emails are a thing of the past. By streamlining and automating these manual tasks, we can save our clients time and costs. Enabling higher productivity at a fraction of the manpower cost.

The company behind Siesta is Napp®

At Napp®, we have been in the business of building innovative digital solutions since 2011. Our team consists of creative people who are passionate about cutting-edge technology. We value and always apply superior craftsmanship to each of our digital products.

The Napp® name is a contraction of "Nordic App". It is also a refer ence to the origin of the company.

Meet the Team

Powered by dedicated individuals

Anders Nørhaven

Business Development Manager

Daxi Gudjónsson

Web Developer

Emil Thordarson


Mads Kleemann

Lead Mobile Developer

Jakob Mikkelsen

Mobile Developer

Mads Larsen

Project Manager

Mads Møller

CTO, Partner

Marie Heitmann

Marketing Assistant

Michael Gullith


Michael Lundbøl

Web Developer

Niklas Laugesen

CEO, Partner

Signe Roswall

Product Designer

Steen Guttman

Executive Digital Advisor

Meet the Management

A Lawyer and a Developer walked into a bar...

Niklas Laugesen


Co-Founder of Napp, Twice selected as Entrepreneur of the Year, Holds a Master of Law degree from Copenhagen University.

Mads Møller


Co-Founder of Napp, strong technical background, holds a Master of Science degree from Aalborg University

Meet the Board

Experienced innovators at our core

Amer Ramzan

Board Member

Experienced business developer with background from KPMG, Accenture and McKinsey & Co.

Jens Karstoft

Board Member

Former co-founder and CEO at zMags, raised $8+m in VC from US and Denmark, made a successful exit to a large US based private equity fund.

Janos Flösser

Board Member

Former CCO at Square Enix Europe, Managing Director at IO Interactive (Hitman)

Search in progress

Board Member

Skills: SaaS internationalization, channel sales and experience with VC.

Interested? Contact us: +45 26 81 71 16 nl@napp.dk

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