Create Teams

Teams let you organize Siesta users. Creating Teams makes it easy for you to make sure that users have the right content at hand when they access Siesta. Teams could be e.g. “Sales DK”, “Board of directors” or any other group of users of your content.

Here is how you create Teams

1. Log in to your Siesta CMS.

2. Click Manage in the main menu. 

3. Click the tab Teams.

4. Click the +New-button in the upper right corner of your screen. 

5. Give your Team a name.

6. Add members, which are users who should be a part of the Team.

7. Click +Save and New to create one more Team.

8. Click Save when you are done creating Teams.

9. Click Import to add multiple Teams at once.

Learn more about how Teams work in this infographic.

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