Siesta Back-end

Get an overview of the Siesta Back-end.

Siesta CMS

  1. Siesta CMS  is responsive

  2. Your Main menu 

  3. Your Dashboard

  4. Your overview of Activities

  5. Your settings

  6. Siesta Support

1. Siesta is responsive

Siesta is a responsive, virtual, fully staffed distribution center and a publishing office compressed into one Content Management System (CMS).

Siesta CMS is responsive and therefore it fits nicely inside any internet browser. Siesta CMS is best displayed on a laptop but works well on mobile devices and tablets as well.

2. Your main menu

The main menu is located to the left under Siesta logo. Here you will find access to all features included in your subscription.

Click an icon to access the feature that it illustrates, or hover the icon to see and directly access a sub feature.

3. Siesta Dashboard

The first thing you see when you log in to your Siesta CMS will be the Siesta Dashboard, which is called Home in the main menu. The dashboard gives you a quick overview and you will find up-to-date information such as:

  • How many people downloaded your app 

  • How many of your publications are live

  • How many users are currently reading your content

  • Your most popular publications based on opening rate

  • Your most popular publications based on reader's location (by city)

Additionally, you can export statistics. By exporting statistics, Siesta will generate and download a three-layered excel sheet with relative and detailed statistical information on:

  • Publication views

  • Devices used

  • User location (by city)

4. Your overview of Activities

Click Activities in the bottom of the main menu to get an overview of the activities that has happened in your back-end. Find information like who updated or deleted what content and what time it was done.

On the right hand side there are two activity quick views:

Notifications: View the latest uploads and publication changes that have been made by your team.

Announcements: View the latest announcements from the Siesta team.

5. Your settings

To access your settings, click on your logo and name in the main menu located below Acitivity. There you will be able to:

  • View and edit your settings

  • Access support

  • Log out

6. Siesta Support

The dedicated in-house Siesta support team is always ready to help. If there are any issues or you simply want to say Hi, you can click on the chat bubble icon, located bottom-right on your screen and start a live chat.

In case you try to reach us outside office hours, your answer will either be delivered to your email inbox or will be waiting for you the next time you log in.

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