Siesta is B2B software for easy partner management

It's an all-in-one platform with several integrations for all your devices

Manage partners

Turn low performing partners into high performers

Boost shared revenue using the powerful and effective Siesta platform. Identify possible quick-wins and inspire your lower performing partners to improve.

  • Setup, manage and benchmark your partners
  • Empower partners with your own mobile app
  • Get an instant partner overview
  • Marketing and product content in one platform
  • Easy communication and availability on all platforms

Collaboration and Feedback

Efficient partner channel communication boosts sales

Integrate your existing product system and enable easy partner ordering. Speed up your time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage.

  • Automate and digitize your ordering flow
  • Push products to market
  • Optimize and empower your Sales Management
  • Support the sales cycle in all stages
  • Use Machine Learning to show and act on relevant data

Inspire your channel partners to perform better today

Don’t start from scratch – Siesta integrates with your existing CRM and ERP systems

Products and Order taking

Automate and digitize your ordering flow

Increase revenue and enable efficient dialogues by inspiring reseller collaboration. Gather feedback and use automation to increase loyalty and stay on-top-of-mind.

  • Effectiveness through standard formulas
  • Gain instant market feedback
  • Ensure partner and customer satisfaction using surveys
  • Optimize collaboration & flow of information
  • Scale partners without adding costs

Analytics and Activity Feed

Complete overview with benchmarking

Siesta dashboard allows you to get a complete overview with actionable insights. Follow and monitor your resellers and secure prompt follow up on KPIs.

  • Insights on reseller performance
  • Identify best proven methods of selling
  • Gather data from different sources
  • Segment reseller and user data
  • Customizable overview

Get a complete overview of your partner channel and start increasing your revenue today

Product Training

Support your product lifecycle

Enable and encourage your resellers to complete incentive-based product training.

  • Distribute and measure the effect of your product training material
  • Segment your content to increase its relevance
  • Gain insight into training behavior and benchmark progress
  • Follow up on your training by using powerful analytics
  • Motivate your partners through instant push notifications

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Streamline your supply of materials

A content management system like you are already used to.

  • Upload, edit and push relevant sales material
  • Instruct your resellers on product updates
  • Enrich the publications with external media
  • Easy access through the Siesta mobile app

Start supplying your sales representatives with mobile access to critical sales materials today


Be on top of your KPI's

Create, manage and track campaigns to identify best practices. Realize the structured and consistent reporting of your dreams.

  • Schedule a campaign period
  • Release material to and from a certain date
  • Track activities based on geography and segments
  • Attract partners' attention with push notifications

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