Morning seminar with SkabelonDesign and Napp

Posted in News on May 29, 2017
How does your company improve the production and distribution of publications? This question was the starting point at our morning seminar with SkabelonDesign Wednesday 24th of May. Here you can get a brief overview of the seminar highlights.

3 simple tips for making a SEO friendly PDF

Posted in Guides on May 24, 2017
The SEO friendly PDF is no myth, contrary to what most people might think. Sure, PDF files are not inherently perfect for SEO, but with a few simple measures, you can turn your PDFs into valuable content that improves your PageRank. In this blog post, we will provide you with 3 instructions that you can easily apply to create a SEO friendly PDF.

Mobile first – why mobile features are essential to your marketing strategy

Posted in Guides on Apr 14, 2017
Are you still in doubt on whether to prioritize the integration with mobile features when it comes to your online content? In this blog post, we provide you with the figures that will remove all doubt and convince you of the crucial need to think mobile features first.

3 reasons why your company should employ publishing software in the online publication of content

Posted in Guides on Apr 10, 2017
Making your print content accessible online becomes increasingly important since online is where your customers are and that is where they will find you. But how do you get the most out of your online publications? We argue that publishing software is the solution, and in this blog post, we provide you with 3 reasons why.

What is Machine Learning?

Posted in Guides on Feb 15, 2017
As mentioned in our previous blog post, Artificial Intelligence is something that is becoming more significant today.

The Emerging Role of Machine Learning

Posted in Trends on Feb 09, 2017
Machines have become smart, but what does it mean?

Improve User Activity in Your Product Catalogue

Posted in Guides on Feb 02, 2017
This post provides a short outline of what you can do to improve your product catalogue’s user activity in a world where it becomes harder to catch people’s attention and interest.

Increase Your Competitive Advantage With Data

Posted in Guides on Jan 27, 2017
The ability to collect large quantities of data can lead to benefits as organizational change and improvement.

Going digital with your annual report

Posted in Guides on Jul 06, 2016
Because of the digitalization, people are changing the way they read and receive information.

Digital Disrupters, Challenges and Changes

Posted in Trends on Jun 29, 2016
The digitalization is only evolving faster and faster each day, which means challenges and changes for a lot of companies that don’t follow the digital development. These companies have to change their mindset in order to keep track with the digital disrupters, challenges and changes.

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