What is partner relationship management?

Partner relationship management – or simply PRM – is tools and strategies that strengthens the relationship between manufacturers and their partners through enhanced communication and performance boosting insights.

“Partner relationship management effectively handles your partners by ensuring that you as a manufacturer always have an overview of your partners’ performance with valuable data that enhances communication, strengthens marketing campaigns and dramatically increases your partner sales.”

Michael Gullith, Chief Sales Officer at Napp

Partner relationship management software allows organizations to integrate systems, automate processes and gather and distribute content in one place.

How does PRM differ from CRM and ERP?

You do not just get another CRM or ERP system with partner relationship management. You get a platform in which CRM, ERP and other relevant systems and data can be integrated. As a result, partner relationship management is not limited to handling only leads, products, sales or the like – it is meant to streamline management by gathering them all in one place. In addition, a partner relationship management system provides intelligent insights into partner performance, which can be utilized to increase channel sales.

How does Siesta stand out as a PRM platform?

Siesta is the PRM platform that is not merely concerned with managing partners – Siesta is all about uniting partners, and more specifically it is focused on uniting manufacturers with their resellers.

“Siesta is cost-effective partner relationship management, it is easy to implement and allows for continuous expansion in harmony with the needs of the manufacturer. Automation and integration are keywords, and there are few other systems adapted to the specific needs that Siesta addresses.”

Michael Gullith, Chief Sales Officer at Napp

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