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What's in it for

Your business

Open up new business opportunities

Introduce monthly billing and sell enriched media consultancy.

Become a 360° publication provider

Stop losing your customers to technology. Be part of the movement instead.

Become a Siesta Partner™

As a Siesta Partner™ you will get a cut every time you sell Siesta to your customers.

What's in it for

Your customers

Instant Worldwide Publication

Your customers' publications will get their own branded app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

In-depth statistics

Gather data on the performance of individual publications and get insights on what is actually being read.

Send messages directly to readers

Communicate directly to the end user via Push. Notify about the release of a new magazine, product update etc.

It's your customers


This is your publication

Napp Siesta will use your industry-standard PDF file. The one you are using for print, web or any platform can now be made available digitally. You can even choose to have a dedicated mobile-edition of your publications where enrichments like video and audio can be implemented.

Siesta does the trick

Using an easy drag’n’drop administration panel, Siesta will enable you to publish your content in a jiffy. Whether it is a magazine, brochure, book or manual Siesta will handle it efficiently. Through the admin panel you are able to see cool stats and send free Push notifications as well.

Presence in app stores

Your company app will be available in both Apple's App Store and Google Play. Furthermore, your publications will also be accesible on browsers – using the latest and greatest, responsive HTML5. This means your publications are available for every device on planet earth.

Your company branded app

Siesta will provide you with your own customized mobile app using your logo and brand colors. Together with the backend you will have a complete, digital publishing suite for your iPhone, iPad, Android and Android tablet users.

Availability. Always

Your publications are made available in real-time and across all platforms. Once your publication is inside Siesta the content will be indexed immediately, enabling your users to search through the entire publication. Did we mention it works offline too?


Napp Siesta supports all the major digital platforms and devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, and Android tablets. For those who are using another device there is a fully compatible HTML5-enabled browser-viewer.

Curious to know more?

Let's get in touch. Siesta is a very capable publishing system with lots of features. But instead of rambling on with the details, let’s instead tell you what Siesta can do for you.

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