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Napp Siesta supports all the major digital platforms and devices such as the iPad, iPhone, Android, and Android tablets. For those who are using another device there is a fully compatible HTML5-enabled browser-viewer.

Increase engagement

Engaging customers is the tech battle of this century. We know how important it is. Forget about getting to know new complex software. This is easy. In seconds, you can include rich content like motion graphics, video or external links in your publications. Start your journey on a better user experience and increase loyalty.

Gain visibility

Siesta will make your content visible on all platforms in a jiffy! We even include your own native apps for both iOS and Android. Additionally, you can integrate Siesta with your website, newsletter or booking system. We will ensure that your content works – keeping your company completely maintenance free.

Boost sales

Do you want lead generation or direct sales? We have made it easy to generate leads with our form builder, where you can create any kind of sign-up or contact form. If you are more into direct sales, Siesta has an auto tagging system that enables a seamless integration with other systems like your eCommerce platform.

Business to business

As a B2B company, you can use Siesta to support your sales team. Your team members can access the latest product catalogs, price lists or sales presentations directly at their fingertips. The publishing platform works for all customers on all platforms – managing everything in one place. The team and managers will be able to track and follow up on leads. See what content your customers find interesting and use this knowledge to increase sales.

Business to consumer

As a B2C Marketer, you know how important it is to meet your customers where they are. Some like to browse your website, others like to use their mobile and some enjoy a real app. These channels can be a costly, but not with The Siesta Platform. Your marketing and communication content will be visible on all platforms – including your own native app for Apple iOS and Google Android. You can easily track user behavior and integrate Siesta with your eCommerce platform.

Subscription plans


Siesta Professional includes all the main features with a publication limit of 50 files. You get your own Native Apps (iOS and Android) and a Web Solution, Push Notifications, User Management and Tracking.


Siesta Enterprise includes all the main features with as many publications (files) as you desire. You get your own Native Apps (iOS and Android) and a Web Solution, Push Notifications, User Management, Tracking, Multiple Administrators, API Integration, Excel Import/Export, Service Level Agreement and Onboarding Support.


Siesta Custom includes all the features described in Siesta Enterprise. Siesta Custom is for the company who has special requirements such as additional features, special integration and/or are present on multiple markets.