Education is at the core of future development in all areas and a unified digital solution for course sharing can make learning an enjoyable and interactive experience.

Students have printed courses, electronic compendiums and multimedia content in order to prepare for the course.

The Faculty of educational institutions needs to ensure that all content is accessible, efficient and up to date.

Siesta provides a complete solution for document publishing in all educational institutions from which both students and faculty can benefit. Learning takes a whole new form when bringing together crisp-clear text and graphics, video, sound and interaction. Visual elements have also a proven affect on the increase of learning outcome of students. Therefore Siesta can aid a easier learning process for students.

The PDF compatibility allows teachers to use their preferred document creation tools and share the files with the students with only a few clicks. Students can access the content on their Smartphones or Tablets through a dedicated app that will keep everything in sync at all time, and even make documents available for offline use.

At the end of the day, teachers can review the analytics provided regarding the reading behavior and optimize courses according to what students are reading most and find new ways to teach.