Manuals & Brochures

Since products often are the essence of profit generation, the right product descriptions are very important when communicating to end users, third party distributors and to other parts of the organization.

Siesta will provide you with manuals, brochures and price lists, which are all complete, consistent and updated. This is done through our simple administration-system, where you can manage all your product material to different target groups.  

The experience of going through product manuals has been reinvented with Siesta. Crisp-clear graphics offer a virtually limitless level of detail. As a result, the readers can have a complete view of all the aspects of a product. The data is securely stored in the cloud therefore sensitive engineering details will not be the target for information theft.

Siesta ensures that brochures and price lists will never be out of date. Documents can be updated with little effort, and all readers can get a notification on their Smartphones or Tablets whenever a new version of the document is published.

The documents can be accessed from remote locations. The mobile app will keep the files in sync with the cloud content and readers can view the documents stored locally even without internet access.

A unified distribution channel offers more control over what is being published. Crisp-clear text and graphics, together with multimedia support, offer a whole new way of presenting products. Cloud storage ensures instant access to documents and solid data protection. The combined features make Siesta a reliable solution for presenting the company’s products and services.