Training material

Learning is a never-ending process inside companies that operate in today’s competitive market. New employees, as well as the existing staff, need continuous training to keep the company competitive.

Siesta is a secure platform, where training materials can be stored, and at the same time easily accessible for the targeted groups of employees.

Now you can use a central database for all the training materials that a company uses for its employees. The PDF-standard facilitates an easy integration of multimedia content, such as crisp-clear graphics, and high quality video or audio. On top of this, documents are interactive so that the reader can be directed to external resources if necessary. Everything with a single tap.

All Siesta managers can use the administration-system to upload the PDF files and make them available for specific groups of users through a dedicated app on iOS and Android.

The cross-platform compatibility and the offline feature of Siesta give employees the flexibility to view the documents on their Smartphones or Tablets at any time, even without Internet access.

When a new PDF document is made available, the users will receive a PUSH-notification on their smartphone or tablet, announcing them about the latest training opportunities.

In Siesta we offer an analytics section. Here you can identify what, where and who reads the content. This way, training material can be optimized so that the company only spends resources on creating training material that will be relevant for its employees. 

By offering a unified, secure and flexible solution for document distribution, Siesta is the ideal digital support for a company’s employee training process.